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Amy Landon  

hails from a small town in Idaho. She fell in love with Shakespeare in 5th grade & continues a life long love affair with language. She has pursued her craft on both sides of the country & a number of places in between.  


She stays true to her roots in the Rockies by climbing mountains around the world. She has stood atop Kilimanjaro, at the base of Everest, along the high ridges of the Andes, crossed the Grand Canyon and danced at the base of Mont Blanc in the Swiss Alps.  


She currently abides in Los Angeles with her cat Juniper, many plants & her beloved Harley. She narrates audiobooks and continues to act on the stage & in front of the camera. She continues to follow her dreams of taking over the universe, circling the globe on two wheels & trying to bake the perfect biscuit.

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