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Hunter by Mercedes Lackey

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Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay

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Dangerous Exes by Rachel Van Dyken

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Audie Nominee in 3 catagories: Humor, Original Work & Erotica
Reviews for audiobook narration 

PRIVATE LIES by Cynthia St. Aubin *Earphones Award* in Audiofile Magazine

Amy Landon narrates with enthusiasm and aplomb as Jane searches for her mother. Landon carries listeners from start to finish with a steady pace and subtle yet effective portrayals of the rough, and even deadly, characters involved. This irreverent mystery exhibits a droll sense of humor at even the most tense moments, and Landon is up to the challenge, balancing the lightheartedness and drama to deftly convey the characters' conflicting emotions. Her delivery of the sparkling dialogue is perfectly suited to the audio format.


A STARDANCE SUMMER by Emily March *Earphones Award* in Audiofile Magazine

Amy Landon narrates this lovely summer romance perfectly. Her delivery is so seamless that she disappears, allowing the story to shine. Liliana has been fired from her accounting firm, falsely accused of crimes. Then she's let down by her family as well. In response, she joins the Tornado Alleycats, a camping club of glamorous senior women, and flees to the mountains of Colorado. The campers include many colorful characters, and Landon portrays them with subtlety. She's also skilled at voicing the male characters, such as Brick Callahan, Liliana's high school crush, and owner of the campground where the Alleycats are staying. This story is part of March's Eternity Springs series, but listeners can jump right in without feeling like they're lost in the woods.


THE STAR THIEF by Lindsey Becker in Audiofile Magazine

Narrator Amy Landon taps into Honorine's sense of loyalty and willingness to stand up for what's right. The Mapmaker exudes primordial power from every pore in a deceptively friendly voice just seconds from being truly menacing. Each Mordant's voice reflects its celestial gift; stellar examples include the steady baritone of Lux, the protector; the soothing tones of Serona, the healer; and the confidence of Astrella, the leader. The building tension never wavers as Honorine is rescued by a sea monster, sabotages machinery, and joins her companions in waging a final battle against the hounds of hell


In my opinion, this is one of narrator Amy Landon’s best performances. There were a lot of characters in the story, and Ms. Landon did an excellent job of making each of them stand out from the rest. Her depictions of Aida and Winter were amazingly accurate. I felt like I knew them by the time I finished listening to the book.


Ms. Landon employed a wide variety of accents when voicing the characters. Winter’s staff is made up of quite a few Swedish people, and he has a Chinese assistant. Aida’s boss speaks with a very noticeable southern drawl. Ms. Landon managed to pull all of this off without slipping out of character, and her accents sounded quite authentic.



Amy Landon did an incredible job in acting out this highly emotional, action-packed paranormal romance with a large cast. So often when there are a lot of characters, particularly of the same gender and age, it is difficult for a narrator to be able to give each its own unique sound. Ms. Landon, however, not only accomplishes this in Chained by Night, but she also manages to communicate each person’s primary characteristics via their distinguishable voice.


For example, you can easily hear Rasha’s haughty, overconfident, and self-entitled nature, not just from the words, but the way she says them. Aylin, in turn, sounds so sweet and caring, while at the same time brave, that it perfectly matches her role. In fact, Ms. Landon even showed her ability to adapt to the storyline by slowly replacing Aylin’s initially subservient tone, with a more confident one as her character matured.


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