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News & Happenings

My band just played a killer show at Hotel Cafe in December. We're headed into the studio for the next couple months. Keep up with us on our website at: CYLVIA


Shot a role in the upcoming feature: FMS: false memory syndrome. Super excited to see the final product. 


Shot an episode of the online series AboveGround - Episode 3 where I play Frankie. Produced by Eric Smith-Gunn at Enfuego Entertainment


Heading to the Mojave to shoot the short 'What You Can Burn,' written & directed by Jeff & Chris Smith.


Narrated the short film Prima Vera.


In final edit stages for Phil Little's Holy Roller music video. Can't wait to roll it out!


Shooting a great short film 'Soundwaves' directed by Thomas Personeni & co-starring the talented Chris Cleveland. Slated for festival runs in 2014.


Went to New York for the premiere of 'The Legend of Jimi Lazer' at the Manhattan Film Festival. Most of the cast and a good portion of the crew came in.


Played the swim coach on Prettly Little Liars 'The Turn of the Shoe'. The episode aired June 18 on ABC Family. Had a great time for my 2 days on set.


Shot a fantastic short 'Jesus Year' that culminates in a food fight & declaration of love. 10 of 8 Productions were a joy to work with. Slated for Festivals in 2014.



Travel Blogs

World travel is a big part of my life & I've been blessed to do a fair bit. If you're interested in the Kilimanjaro climb or Nepal trek, check out my travel blogs below! 







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